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Yoga, Meditation, Energy Training, Qigong

We offer Yoga, Meditation, Self-Healing, Qigong and Mindfulness  classes for your Body and Mind Relaxation in the heart of South Dublin. You can Improve your Health, Reduce Stress and Control better your Emotions through regular Classes as well as Retreat Programme, Workshops and Intensive Courses. Have Fun and boost your Energy!

If you are seeking Inner Peace, there is no better way to tap into the strength and power you have within than using Traditional Holistic Training such as Guided Meditation, Yoga and Qigong.

Yoga Classes in Dublin

When you attend yoga classes at Life Particle, you will find our approach different from the way of physically oriented gyms or studios. Not only do our instructors help students develop a connection between mind and body, they help students master their use of energy so it can be used more effectively to tap into the healing powers that comes from within.

Life Particle Yoga Classes are held every day except for Thursday.

New and returning students will find that our yoga classes are welcoming and help them achieve their personal goals while attaining a higher level of consciousness.

For convenience and flexibility, we offer drop-in classes, and also weekend classes, to meet the busy schedules of our clients. Once you purchases our classes, you can use them whenever you want without a stress of pre-booking your space.

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Meditation Classes in Dublin

If you are searching for effective ways to slow down your train of thought and shift your consciousness, you will find guided meditation classes offer at Life Particle to be a powerful exercise.

Guided meditation is helpful for people who struggle with calming their minds and quieting the thoughts and chatter than occupy your mind space during the course of your day.

Don't be frustrated by your busy thoughts in the meditation. Certified Life Particle instructors will walk you through the entire process of deepening your consciousness for more inner Peace, Clarity and Vision.

Life Particle offers both Group Guided Meditation classes and Private Sessions to meet the needs of their clients.

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Life Particle Intensive Courses

From time to time, Life Particle offers Workshops and Supplementary Classes that focus on topics such as Healing, Energy Opening and other related subjects.

Depending on the nature of the workshop or Supplementary classes, they may be free to the public, a paid event or included in the cost of your Life Particle Membership. Details for these events are available at the studio and updated on our website. Be sure to visit often to get all of the specifics of our upcoming event schedule and mark your calendars!

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No matter whether you are a long-time practitioner of the Holistic Arts or you are a first-time student that wants to improve your flexibility, your balance, your muscle strength or your Inner Power, you will find the classes offered at Life Particle are empowering, enlightening and fulfilling.

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Events and Offers

  • Opening Hours Notice

    Due to Conscious Living Course, we have only 1 regular class at 12:30pm each day on 5th ~ 7th of May.

    Due to Conscious Living Course Advanced Level, we have only 1 regular class at 12:30pm each day on 2nd ~ 4th of June.

    The other days will follow the usual opening hours.

  • How to Start?

    Come for a FREE TRIAL and find out the uniqueness and large variety of our Programme!

    The monthly rolling membership starts from €69 (excl. VAT)!

    You can start whenever you want!
    You can choose whatever you want!
    You can stop whenever you want!

  • Weekend Workshop & Course

    Energy Opening Workshop - 6 spaces left-

    Date & Time: Sat. 28th April 3pm - 7pm
    Please click this link for further information.  

    Conscious Living - 3 spaces left -

    Date: Sat. ~ Mon. 5th ~ 7th May
    Time: 10am - 6pm
    Please click this link for further information. 

    Emotion Management Workshop - 8 spaces left-

    Date & Time: Sat. 19th May 10am - 6pm
    Please click this link for further information.  


    Conscious Living Advanced Level - RSVP -

    Date: Sat. ~ Mon. 2nd ~ 4th June
    Time: 10am - 6pm
    This course is only for those who have taken "Conscious Living" workshop.