Yoga, Meditation, Energy Training, Qigong
Dear Life Particle friends,

We had a nice journey as Korean Qigong & Energy Meditation teachers for over 13 years. We were in UK, Germany, Holland and now in Ireland running the training centres. We introduced this method to over 5,000 people and kept on improving. More than 2,000 people got training from us regularly, at least for a month. We made about 60 instructors and more than 10 of them are full time yoga teachers. Our workshops were loved by the people all over Europe.

We have also witnessed great healing miracles through our personal and group trainings. There have been various cases of cure of diseases, which medical doctors were not able to help. We would like to say, this kind of healing miracle happened so frequent that it was normal for us.

From July 2018, we are taking break and not giving trainings regularly. It was a necessary decision for our further growth.

Thanks to our journey, we had deep insight to the principles of the spiritual dimension. Through the  Facebook page "Conscious Life", we will start sharing the principles bit by bit. We hope the principles will improve your life.

Thank you for your support and love.

Samuel & Ana